Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Day 113

A local kindergarten near me has recently banned the use of vegemite, honey and jam as sandwich fillers.  They have sent home a list of other acceptable lunch options which include a quinoa and kale salad.  Show me a 4 year old who will eat a quinoa and kale salad and I'll show you a mother who has time to make one.

Has the world gone a little mad in the lunch box stakes? 


Indigo Kate x


  1. Surely it was a joke!! O my giddy aunt( to coin your gorgeous phrase) How bloody ridiculous. ( To coin mine!) encourage healthy choices by all means, but ban Vegemite!? My grand daughter ( and I still get such a kick out of writing that ) has just eaten her first Vegemite on toast fragment and I was thrilled. She can enjoy quinoa and kale another day!

    1. Oh bless that gorgeous girl! And her fabulous mother/father, grandmother/grandfather and great grandmother/great grandfather! Long live Vegemite on toast and common sense! x