Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 97

When my little people were really little and I had to run the gauntlet of supermarkets filled with experienced mothers freely dispensing advice, I had a rule.

I would listen and smile and then say, as sweetly as I could, 'I'm so glad that worked for you.' It was great because then I didn't have to even pretend I was going to try holding them upside down when they cried/letting them cry/not letting them cry or whatever else was being advised. It was my get out of gaol card and I kept a very tight grip on it.

Despite not knowing one end of a baby from another,  I just knew I had to find my own path.  I found advice conflicting and confusing and I loved my babies so desperately that I hoped that would be enough.  In hindsight, it more or less was/is.  Sure, I could have done with a few more hours sleep per night over a decade but other than that we've come out of it alright.

But in the health/food/wellness arena, whenever anyone had an opinion I was all ears.  I soaked up conflicting/confusing/contradictory advice like a sponge.  If someone sounded like they had found a path through the overgrown thicket, I would buy their book and try whatever it was they were on about.  I was a willing disciple following blindly, always looking around for my next guru.  

So I loved this one from the Moderation Movement.  (I also loved the image of the green smoothie because not so long ago I was on about those in a rather big way!)  So, the next time I hear somebody talking about THE way, I'm going to smile to myself and think, 'I'm so glad that worked for you' and then run in the opposite direction.  Fast.


Indigo Kate x


  1. Just reading Amy Poehler's autobiography Yes, Please and she has a lovely mantra: Good for you. Not for me.
    It's not combative, not tearing down. Just a statement. Noice

    1. Oh, that's fabulous. Love it! And you, for being such a wonderfully supportive friend and reader x

  2. Oh that is perfect and TOTALLY fantastic!

    1. Thought it might sit well with you, Jo! Thanks so much for reading x