Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Day 101

I have a new App on my phone.  A mindfulness App.  For the dizzy sum of $2.49 I now have my very own mindfulness coach, called Natalie, in my pocket.  Natalie sends me little reminders to breathe and asks me to consider any sensations in my toes.  It's a gentle call to the present.  She gives me short videos of streams rippling, or ladybugs climbing a blade of grass, to watch while I breathe in and out.  I must say, I'm loving it.

Yesterday my little chicks returned from school hot and bothered.  Why does the hottest weather of the year always coincide with the start of Term1?  Anyway, my Grade 2 girl, walked in the door with her face red and her hair sticky with sweat and announced, 'Mum, can I just sit quietly with your phone and do some breathing exercises?'

And apart from falling in love with her all over again at that moment, I was struck by the modelling thing.  Parenting is a massive responsibility.  It's the kind of responsibility that could keep you up all night, every night, if you let it.  But modelling, I find more possible.    I can try to be more self aware, have more self-compassion, strive for wellness and hope that somehow this is planting a seed somewhere.  The next time I walk in the door hot and frazzled, I'm going to take a leaf out of Miss 7's book and find myself a quiet spot on the couch and do my breathing exercises.


Indigo Kate x


  1. What a wonderful thing Kate! It is so much more in our modelling than our nagging that lessons are learnt!

    1. Thanks Wendy, yes, modelling seems more hope-filled. I think I may also try yodelling at my children. I figure anything is worth a try! x