Saturday, 28 February 2015

Day 108

I once bought a laptop based solely on a friend's one line recommendation.  "I love mine," she said, "it's just so intuitive".


The word was like magic fairy dust to me.  It had connotations of tapping an inner wisdom, of somehow knowing what I needed more than I did.  Yes, please, I'll have the intuitive model in silver.

Some folks are naturally intuitive, they have insight and self-awareness by the barrow load and use it with grace and wisdom.  They are clued in to what brings out the best in themselves and what they need at different seasons of their life.  (I'm looking directly at you, darling Wendy, my dear friend and blog reader.)

But for me, in writing and in life, I can overthink things.  I wrangle and wrestle with topics and end up exhausted.  Not being naturally intuitive, I need all the help I can get. Hence the choice of laptop.   I crave a little voice that can help me find a calm way to proceed.  I am a huge fan of getting out of my own way.

Intuitive eating seems to distill all my new learning about food into one neat package.  It is a wise, calm, kind voice.  It is a sprinkling of magic fairy dust on my omelette.

Love and intuition,

Indigo Kate x


  1. Oh Kate!!! If only you knew but look, I will let you think I am more clued in than I am! I do actually think we all possess this inner wisdom but we all need a hell of a lot of practice, me included baby, being still enough to hear that still, small voice! Here's hoping this is a very intuitive and wonderful lap top that has a built in procrastination sensor. Just in case, you, like me, have issues with that on the odd occasions!

    1. The procrastination sensor was extra, but paid for it gladly. If I get up from the desk to make more than one cup of tea per hour it tasers me through the keyboard. Money well spent, I reckon. Just hoping it doesn't also taser that still, small voice. Thank you for reading my friend x