Friday, 20 February 2015

Day 106

While I dither on here about health and wellness (and have I mentioned how marvellous I am because for four breaths a day I manage to breathe mindfully?) for others health is unfairly out of reach.

Love your Sister is based on two siblings, Samuel and his sister Connie.  They love each other and have done extraordinary things because of that, including but not limited to, Sam riding a unicycle around Australia.  Truly.

Connie is young and gorgeous and the mother of two young boys.  She is also terminally ill.  She is living fully with everything she has, in every moment that she has.  Her mantra is, Now is Awesome.

And if someone who is battling the brutal big C disease who is facing the unthinkable prospect of not seeing her children grow up, can adopt that approach with grace, I'm not sure what my excuse is exactly.

On Sam's epic trip, our family went to a small town he was passing through to cheer him on.  He came into town at the end of a long hot day of peddling.  He spoke about breast awareness, and of wanting to spare another family what his own was going through.  He jumped in a dragon boat for a paddle with those surviving/battling the disease.  He was delightful and unassuming despite no doubt being tired and over it and wanting to paddle a boat like a hole in the head.  He spoke to my little fellow who had just been given a unicycle for Christmas and told him that only 1 in 100 kids will perservere long enough to master the skill, and told him to practise in a hallway.  It was the perfect pep talk and it worked, within a week we had a unicyclist in the family.

Let's be breast aware.  And thank you Connie and Sam for everything you have done.

Now is awesome.


Indigo Kate x

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