Friday, 2 January 2015

Day 55 - Day 64 (including summary of Week 8)

Golly.  What happened?  It was Christmas Eve, I blinked, and now here we are in 2015.  A happy, healthy New Year to you.  Here's a summary of how it's been here.

1.  Our peaches are currently ripening on our trees.  If there is anything more satisfying than biting into a homegrown peach before a possum does, please let me know.

2.  Our Christmas at home, just the 6 of us, was wonderfully relaxing.  There was just the right balance of excited bouncing and mooching.  My favourite moment was a prolonged joke reading session from the joke books in the stockings, everyone perfectly content and laughing their heads off, before a single present was opened.

3.  There have been some quiet early morning walks with the dog.  The air is cool and it feels like the whole world is calm and still.  Wonderful for the body and spirit.  And goal setting.

4.  There was some homemade rocky road consumed.  Holy Toledo, Batman - it was good.  But, in the interests of public health, that recipe and its ingredients have been shelved again until next Christmas.

5.  I finally over came my intimidation of cacao, enough to both actually pronounce it and open the box.  I made some cacao bliss balls which were, well, positively blissful.

6.  I shared time with some special friends who inspire me to live fully.  Is there any greater gift?

7.  I have swum and read in delicious quantities.  I have watched my children play board games in their jarmies until lunch time.  Just for the record, I have not missed making lunch boxes, ironing uniforms and doing the mad dash for the school bus one little bit.

8.  My husband has been home on holidays.  It is fabulous having two grown ups on duty.  If it wasn't for the prospect of abject poverty I would recommend he stayed home all year.

9.  I met a new little friend, baby Zoe, who is both so breathtakingly beautiful and so deeply loved that I tried not to cry when I kissed her soft head.

10.  2015 looks set to explode with creative and healthy possibilities.  I'm delighted to be here at the start of it all, looking foreward.

Wishing you a 2015 filled with wonder and energy.


Indigo Kate x


  1. Gorgeous Kate, what a beautiful surprise to see our little girl referenced in your wonderful blog. It was such a golden moment seeing the two of you together.
    Can totally understand how one could go back 3 times more! ️Xx

    1. Hi beautiful Jen, what a treat to see you visiting here, thanks so much. There's nothing quite like cuddling a newborn at Christmas, and baby Zoe is completely divine. Thanks for sharing her with me, big love to you all xx