Sunday, 18 January 2015

Day 79

My groovy friend Sue, a lovely reader of this blog, recently introduced me to Pana chocolate. As you can imagine from my blog title, I was fairly wary (read: terrified) of reintroducing chocolate into my life. But in an attempt to avoid rigid food rules (y'all know how they tend to work out for me) I decided to give it a go in a controlled manner.

Mindful eating is about taking things slowly (almost comically so) and focussing on the five senses when you sit down to eat. How does the food look? What is appealing about it? How does it smell? Etc etc. This process continues throughout the whole meal, noticing the flavour of each mouthful, which is savoured and carefully chewed.  None of this shovelling food in while reading the newspaper online.  No more chewing your breakfast while you make up 4 school lunch boxes. No, mindful eating is about being present. I love the concept, but golly, with my monkey mind, I find it hard to implement.

So I ate a square of Pana chocolate mindfully.  I admired it's cute little cardboard box, And read its messages. I unwrapped it from the gorgeous patterned paper and breathed in the wonderfully rich chocolate scent.  I noticed the imprinted symbol on each individual piece.  I marvelled at how homemade and unique it felt. And so on and so on until I finally took a fabulous nibble. It was soft, but not quite gooey, dark in colour and with the subtle taste of peppermint essential oils and cacoa. We sat together a long time, my square of Pana and me, longer than I could've believed possible.  It was so deliciously satisfying that fireworks went off in my mouth and brain.

I don't get paid to plug anything on this blog, so I will tell you out of the goodness of my heart that Pana chocolate is raw, organic, low GI,  non dairy, non soy, gluten free and has no refined sugar. I wish I could send all you lovely readers a truckload of the stuff, but you know what? All you really need is a square. Or two.

Your mindfully,

Indigo Kate x

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