Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Day 76

Funny how sometimes the universe sends you exactly what you need, at precisely the right time.

After feeling the crushing hopelessness of the 'thin is best' message lately, I have come across two excellent resources that have given me cause to hope.

The first is a campaign from Sport England, This Girl Can, in response to research that women and girls would like to be more active but are intimidated to try because they don't have the perfect body.  It would seem the barrage of 'fitspirational' images of mega-lean young women deadlifting the weight of a small African nation without a hair out of place and only a single bead of designer sweat on their temple aren't actually helping the sisterhood.  Golly, who knew?

Please, please watch the This Girl Can video to see some real women exercising.  There's not an airbrush in sight and it's pure joy.

And then, thanks to my mind-blowingly fabulous friend and extremely loyal blog reader Wendy, I came across Curvy Yoga. Anna Guest-Jelley founded Curvy Yoga after coming to the realisation that she had been on 66 diets.  She faced the tough question, 'do I start diet number 67, or do I admit this is not working and try something new?' The world is definitely a better place because she chose the latter.  Anna's message is that yoga is for everyone who wants to feel healthier.  She might also have the best smile of anyone on the planet.

I raise my glass to these shining beacons of hope, and their very important message.


Indigo Kate x


  1. Well how mind glowingly fabulous is it to be called that! What a GREAT link This Girl Can is!!! I will be forwarding this widely Kate! And yes, isn't Anna Guest Jelly's smile fantastic! Grateful thanks for what you do babe.

    1. Right back at you gorgeous Wendy, with so many thanks xx