Monday, 12 January 2015

Day 74

Once upon a time I was a social worker.  Social workers do lots of stuff, some of it life-affirming, most of it messy.  I aways found it hard to describe exactly what I did without telling people the kind of stories that would make the blood drain from their face and make them want to suddenly pick invisible pieces of lint off the carpet mid conversation.

One definition of social work that I always liked was that it helps adjust the fit between the individual and society.  I was reminded of it yesterday reading about Laura McKibbon's work in the States.  Laura says she was 'fatigued by the relentless over emphasis on healthy eating for the purpose of weight loss' and so developed the 'Food for Thought' pyramid as a teaching tool.

I'm a bit old to have a poster on my bedroom wall, but I reckon I could almost make an exception for this one.


Indigo Kate x

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