Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 83

I saw this today and loved it.

It was put out by The Moderation Movement.  I really like their message.  It seems nowhere in life does extremism work, health included.  There is however, a lot to love about moderation.

I like this kinder, gentler path I am now strolling along.  It is lined with flowers and signposts of acceptance, mindfulness and self-compassion.  And along the way, I am stopping to smell the roses.


Indigo Kate x



  1. Great link! I looked at the site and really like their definition of fitness: “The Moderation Movement reminds everyone that fitness is not a size, a weight, or a six-pack” says Jodie. “Fitness is expressed in ease of movement, loads of energy, reduced risk of disease and a vibrancy that defies age a little. Health means being able to enjoy a piece of birthday cake without guilt and sharing a restaurant meal and a glass of wine with friends, anxiety free.” Thanks for another inspiring post Kate!! Did you dance today?

  2. Great, huh? Does a quick jiggle with the little people to 'Happy' on constant repeat count?