Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Day 68

We live several hundred kilometres inland, quite possibly due to my pathological aversion to being eaten by sharks.  (Ankle deep is plenty deep enough for me if we ever find ourselves at a beach and even then I keep a very good eye on the water surrounding my ankles.)   So it is quite strange that my little fellows are doing a sailing course this week.  There is a stretch of water nearby big enough for sailing, but fresh watery enough to rule out sharks.   Ideal.

The lads have taken to sailing like the proverbial duck to water.  They return home each night with tousled hair and sun-kissed faces bursting with stories of capsizing and adventure.  Dinner time conversation is peppered with talk of team mates and tacking and catching the wind.  'Mum, I love it so much, it's just so great!'

Is there anything as wonderful as enthusiasm?  That magical connection between finding your spark and letting it propel you towards new possibilities.  I'm loving that gleeful, unstoppable energy in my boys this week and grateful for those who are sharing their own passion for sailing with them.

Here's to our own individual spark - finding it, rekindling it and maybe even sharing it.


Indigo Kate x


  1. Enthusiasm is a great thing such a lot of positive energy.

    1. It's a great framework for life. They caught it from their Dad x