Monday, 19 January 2015

Day 81

I read an article in the Sunday Age magazine yesterday. A personal trainer associated with that ghastly Biggest Loser program was asked to share his secret to successful weight loss. Inevitably his message was unsustainably hard core.

'Prepare, cook and eat bland, plain food. No sauces, spices, enhances or sweeteners.'

Now there's an idea! I, for one, love the idea of eating plain boiled rice for the rest of my life, and I'm sure I'm not alone. It's a truly excellent solution.

How on earth can we have an obesity crisis with such sound advice being so freely available?

His other suggestion to people who are probably already entrenched in a long, difficult relationship with food was to ' ...try slightly over cooking your meat, chicken and fish so it is not quite so irrestible.'

I know what you're thinking: where can I sign up for this bland, overcooked, joyless life and can I do direct debit?

So, it was a great relief to see this image by Shelley Lask circulating today. Here is the edited version which transforms this article from the moronic to the sensible. Clearly this fellow could do with taking an editor with a pink pen with him wherever he goes, in case he has to, um, write anything about health.

I get the feeling the good guys won in the end.


Indigo Kate x

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