Friday, 16 January 2015

Day 78

I have decided that the sooner we run screaming from the nonsense of airbrushed perfection, the better.

Whether it's images of ridiculously perfect bodies, or images of ridiculous perfect lives, they are not helpful.  At best, they make us sigh a little inside.  At worse they reinforce, sometimes for the 500th time that morning, that we are not enough.

Reality is good for our mental and physical health because it makes us feel okay.  And okay is 12 million times better than not enough.  So, in the interest of reality, I need to share these two things.

After bodies, the next most overpopulated corner of the unrealistic perfection arena is motherhood.  Endless images of perfectly groomed women looking straight from the health retreat, gliding through spotless houses to adorable, well-mannered children to attend to their occasional small, sweet need.  Is it any wonder women open and close their mouth like a gold fish when the Maternal and Child Health nurse pops by a few days after you have birthed a baby and says, 'So then, how do you like being a Mummy?'  So, bless Esther Anderson for telling it like it is, with oodles of good humour, sending a wonderful message that life with a baby just isn't anything like the TV commercial perfection you've been been fed.  Her videos and blog are doing wonders for the mental health of parents everywhere.  

If you've ever rolled your eyes at those photo library images that pop up everywhere, you might enjoy this.  I know I did.

In the interest of our health, let's collectively laugh in the face of the unrealistic.  Enough already! Instead, let's savour our own fabulously authentic, wild, fun, messy lives a whole lot more.


Indigo Kate x

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