Thursday, 4 December 2014

Day 35 (summary of Week 5)

Week 5? Already? Wowsers.  Here's the wrap-up.

1.  It is possible to have a craving-free day.  This is HUGE news to me.

2.  It is possible to sleep through the night.  Ditto.

3.  It is possible to sit through an entire kindy Christmas concert and not see your child, positioned  far back stage left, dancing her heart out, once.  Although I may have glimpsed her lily-white legs and sandals at one point.

4.  Even though some people say fructose is the work of the devil, my first mango of the season tasted completely heavenly.

5.  There is something so delightfully decadent about preparing salmon and salad for lunch on my own that I have to pinch myself.

6.  A fresh batch of home-made LSA (linseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds) in the fridge can make me feel completely on top of things despite the state of the house and car.

7.  If one more candy cane comes home from school my eyes may turn green and my head may spin around.

8.  I really don't like those people who say 'All ready for Christmas?' in an airy tone.  I think unkind thoughts about stabbing them in the eyeball with a candy cane.

9.  Avocado is a total winner.  Add some pear and walnuts to it and you may just burst into song.

10.  A few folks have been in touch to let me know that they read this blog.  To them, and anyone reading, I say thank you very much and good health.


Indigo Kate x


  1. Christmas? Red and green right? Sometimes associated with a gnawing sense of inadequacy and not having done enough? Something about adoring a new baby? My plan is to focus totally on the latter! Kate, I love the ROARC posts arriving each new Nepali day and the link with an engaged, mindful, present, writer extraordinaire that they bring. Thank you. May your day be filled with mangoes and seeing the dancing children can be better at home! They saw you and that is probably the main thing!

    1. Go with the gorgeous new baby idea, Wendy and you can't go wrong. Lovely to know these posts can find you all the way over there. In the quiet hush of pre-dawn here, I can almost here you cheering me on. Thank you x