Sunday, 14 December 2014

Day 44

Christmas catch-up with friends tonight.  I took along a pumpkin, pesto, spinach and lentil salad.  Despite over cooking the pumpkin so that when I stirred through the pesto it all went slightly mushy, it tasted great.  Looks aren't everything, after all.

It was easy to navigate the food choices, but I still find it tricky about the alcohol.  I haven't drunk for a dozen or so years (I breast fed continuously for 9.something years and simply lost the taste for it) but because we don't socialise all that much, not many people know.  It doesn't come up in conversation - and why should it? It's a dead-boring stand alone fact. But last night I went through the bubbles/beer/wine options pre-dinner, during dinner and post dinner by both the unfailingly generous hosts.  It would have been far easier to say, 'Thanks but I don't drink, I'm fine with water' the first time, but I didn't because I don't want to sound like a wowser.  Or worse, a wowser who thinks they have the moral high ground.

If anyone has a good reply for how to decline things gracefully, I'd love to hear it.  Actually I'd love to hear from anyone reading, anytime, about anything really.  Go on, click on 'comments' and say hi.


Indigo Kate x


  1. Hi I love that salad combo. Try spinach with roast pumpkin or sweet potato and then add avo grated carrot grated beetroot baby box ink balls and toasted walnuts toasted sunflower seeds and toasted pepitas. So good. I'm not much of a drinker either since kids/30s it really doesn't agree with me get bad headaches and migraines etc plus just don't like feeling worse for wear. I usually just say no thanks I'm good. Or say something like ' I lovd it but if doesn't lovd me'. I think I am past the point of caring what people think too. I know what's good for my body and how I feel when I drink. Some people seem to tolerate it but not me and not worth feeling shabby the next day

    1. Hi Michele, thanks so much for reading. I love the sound of that salad, thanks for sharing it with me. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  2. Of course baby box ink balls should be boccini balls