Friday, 12 December 2014

Day 42 (Summary of Week 6)

This week has positively zipped by.  Here's the bits I know for sure.

1.  A new calm has descended on me, making healthy choices easier than previously believed possible.  I love it to bits.

2.  #1 is all the more amazing considering the crazy amount of Christmas stuff hurtling straight for me.

3.  An end of year 15km school bike ride which I have been dreading on a scale equal to a local Ebola outbreak, turned out to be really fun.  What a treat to be riding in the sunshine with my spunky little girls.  Yes, I now do feel bad for the incessant whinging I did prior to the event.  Sorry dear.

4.  Running out of spinach leaves now has the same effect on me as running out of chocolate once did.  I have now taken to hoarding them by the handful in ziplock bags in the freezer, all ready for my morning green smoothie.

5.  Without wanting to oversimplify the complexities of modern psychology, blerkdom loves sugar.   Or sugar loves blerkdom.  Or something.  Anyway, in my humble experiment of one, quitting sugar is life-changingly wonderful for mental health.  

6.  Cucumbers are my friend.  They deserve more kudos for their role in replacing bread in sandwiches.  I'm nominating them for the Nobel Peace Prize.  

7.  I still love an afternoon nap if I can swing it.  I tell myself it is my body's way of making up for all those bone-crushingly tired years that come with having four babies in six years.

8.  'I played my drum for him, Ra Pum Pa Pum Pum Pum', will inexplicably reduce me to a sobbing wreck every single time.

9.  Shifting my thinking from deprivation ('I'm giving up dairy/wheat/sugar') to abundance ('I can have so many fresh vegetables, fruit and lean meat and they all taste great') has been everything.

10.  Six weeks feels significant.  The honeymoon period is over and I am quietly confident that the best is yet to come.  

Ra Pum Pa Pum Pum Pum,

Indigo Kate x

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