Monday, 1 December 2014

Day 31

This week, I have a school meeting, a kindy concert and a school concert, all on separate evenings. As I am normally a flop on the couch in my jarmies with a book kind of girl, this is a tremendous challenge.

In winter I have a complete aversion to leaving the house of an evening. I just don't go anywhere.  It's dark, it's cold, it's often wet, we have a beautiful fire, and I am hard wired to stay in my burrow and read. In summer this is harder to get away with. There are more invitations, often involving my children singing cute songs, loudly and off key, with their sweet friends.  I have to dig deep and Make An Effort.

We all have to Make An Effort from time to time.  Mothers especially. November/December are the pin up months for Making an Effort. Not only do I have to attend these functions, I also have to bring a plate, and try and get the venue, date, time and stage outfit correct. I will also have to talk to people I only see occasionally and whose names are too far buried in the clutter of my brain to retrieve.  My jarmies and book will be calling me but I will have to wave them off and stride bravely out the door.

This time last year, Making An Effort nearly killed me.  I'd had a tough year and wasn't at my best, to coin a vague yet all-encompassing euphemism. It was excruciating to socialise, mingle and yabber to people all in the name of Christmas.  I avoided what I could, outsourced what I could to my husband and suffered - gracelessly and effortfully -  through the rest.

Thanks to my Living Well caper, this year involves just garden variety levels of effort. I can go along, be social, enjoy these gatherings and connect. It doesn't have the same heavy weight of dread attached, and I am grateful for this shift. And I reckon if I play my cards right, I'll be back in my jarmies, opening up my book by 9pm.

Indigo Kate x


  1. Loved reading of the wonderful changes that these last two posts describe darling girl! Good luck with your EFFORT and with the 9pm date. Here, you can pop a capacious nightie on rather early in the day and callers don't hesitate to call any time from 6 am so the capacious nightie becomes the entertainment gown du jour. I can't really imagine a more unattractive garment and I should know. I have three. Lurid pink is the winner. Enjoy your evenings and book in a bath on one!

    1. If anyone can carry off a lurid pink capacious nightie as day wear my friend, it is you. Enjoy! And send a selfie. Thanks, as always, for reading and cheering me on x