Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Day 46

I find it funny the anti-sugar people go to so much trouble making complex sugar-free deserts.  The paleo cherry-ripe rocky-road donut type phenomenon, so to speak.  It's all completely sugar-free, of course, and only requires 203 hard-to-find ingredients.  It's a bit like vegetarians being excited to find tofu-shaped chops.  It just seems like the start of a slippery slope to me.

My health professional, who I caught up with today, had a good approach to this.  She thinks deserts are best kept for a 'lovely occasion' where you can really enjoy them.  Not as a 'treat' (which can be prone to overuse) but as part of a special celebration.  I'm not craving desert at all, but if and when I choose to reintroduce it, I'll keep this in mind.

Like the rest of the country, I am devastated by the loss of innocent life in the Sydney siege, and can think of little else.  I cannot begin to imagine how one poor father sat his children, similar ages to my own, down to explain what happened to their lovely mother.  I picked my youngest child up from her last day of kindy (pre-school) yesterday and thought about all the lifelong events those children will face without their mum.  The concerts,  the birthdays, the holidays, the Mother's Days, the sports days, the rites of passage.  It is unbearably unfair.

There's no public transport where I live, so I have use this broadly - #illridewithyou

Peace on Earth.

Indigo Kate x

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