Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Day 40

We ticked off our last Christmas concert tonight.  As we have various children at various different educational institutions, this was our third concert of the season.  That's a lot of Jingle Bells.

Two out of three concerts have come with the bring a plate tag. You know, just in case whipping up an innkeepers costume isn't enough.  And when it says bring a plate, and the main people eating are under 10 years and it's Christmas, what people bring is sugar. And lots of it.  

There were cupcakes and cream cakes and biscuits and fudges. My humble zucchini slice sat alone humming, 'one of these kids just doesn't belong, one of these kids is doing its own thing.' And I felt a little sad about it all really, that sugar is so interlinked with celebrations that it seems impossible to separate the two.

And then I looked around and it was gone, crumbs and all. And there were more than a few lurid pink cupcakes remaining on the plate next door, all dressed up and nowhere to go. And so I made a little deal with myself that from now on, whenever I have to bring a plate, I'm going to bring something healthy. What is not needed at these functions is a recently reformed chocoholic waving her arms in the air, raving about the evils of sugar, but simply another option on the table. And from now on, I'm going to bring it along.


Indigo Kate x

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