Saturday, 20 December 2014

Day 50 (summary of week 7)

1. Chicken and mango salad is an excellent, quick dinner option. No matter how old I get, or how many I eat, mangoes always make me feel like a fantastically-blessed ship wreck survivor who has stumbled into a tropical paradise. I am always slightly bereft when the mango season ends.

2. The occasional slice of sourdough bread can do wonderful things to scrambled eggs.

3. Our humble lemon tree has been a faithful friend on this journey providing fresh, juicy lemons every morning without complaint.  It has meant my pre-breakfast lemon in warm water routine has been easy to maintain. Thank you, kind friend.

4. The last couple of freelance work commitments of the year are unnecessarily tough to squeeze in and make me wonder why on earth I agreed to them. Note to self, next year say NO to anything after December 10. I'm practising that tricky 'N' sound already.

5. Homemade dips with sliced carrots and capsicum are a winner to bring along to a Christmas gathering. Hommus and sundried tomato/capsicum are my all singing, all dancing favourites.

6. Sometimes local and world news is so desperately awful that it is impossible to distract yourself from it. Learning to just sit with the mind-numbing horror of it all is difficult beyond words. At these times, prolonged hugging of children and dogs is about your best option.

7.  Exercise at this time of year can be as illusive as the guy in the red suit.

8. Finding the time to plan, buy, and wrap thoughtful, environmentally sustainable and socially just gifts can be 200 times more so than # 7.

9. Despite the heavy feeling of grief, Christmas holds a magic for my little people that gently pulls me forward.

Thanks for cheering me on.  Please know I am cheering you on also as you juggle life, health and Christmas.

Indigo Kate x

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