Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Day 39

I've never been a big fan of carrots, which probably stems back to my childhood.    My mum loved getting the veggies on the boil about 4pm and we use to eat them at 6pm on the smacker.  To call them lifeless, limp and uninspired would be euphemistic.  When I announced I was a vegetarian (with all the self-importance only a 21 year old can muster) she said, "But darling, you don't even like vegetables'.  The fact was I had recently discovered stir fries and suddenly loved vegetables - they were crisp and tasty.  Who knew?

Anyhoo, carrots and I have found each other again.  I've been slicing one up (is julienne a verb? I julienne, you julienne, we julienne?)  and dipping it in my homemade hommus.  Excellent about 4pm.  And there's not a pot of boiling water in sight.


Indigo Kate x

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