Thursday, 4 December 2014

Day 34

At the height of my, ahem, food addiction, I was thinking about food constantly.  My first waking thought was to do with food, and it went on from there, all day.  Even when I was eating I was wondering what I could eat next.  It was both exhausting and boring in equal measure.  It's fair to say I was not exactly my own biggest fan during this time.

So, I am slightly in awe of this new thing that's happening, where I barely think about food at all.  The cravings, - or weird thoughts, or aliens telling me to eat things, or whatever they were - have gone silent, and the silence is deafening.  There is a lot more room in my brain for Other Stuff.

I wake up, I drink my warm water and lemon, I whizz up my green smoothie, and start my day.  I can honestly say it does not occur to me to eat anything else until lunch time, and after that, not until dinner time.  If I need a snack, I have one and then I forget about it.  There is no out of control foraging in the pantry.  No overeating.  No cravings.

My theory is that the elimination of sugar/wheat/dairy is having a very calming effect on me.  Like a  kind of meditation really.   I can now see food simply as an energy source.  I can appreciate I have choices.  Without the sugar rushes and crashes I am travelling along the railway of life smoothly and comfortably.   And I hope the novelty never wears off.


Indigo Kate

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