Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Day 47

2014 is galloping to an end at break-neck pace.  75% of my children have now had their last day for the year.  This has meant finding a home for a mountain of fantastic work coming home and organising last minute cards and gifts for teachers and classmates.  A long summer stretches out before them, and me, as their stay-at-home parent.  The break from lunch boxes and uniforms and bus timetables brings a lovely sense of freedom.

I'm keen to make the most of these unhurried mornings, and set up a good early morning exercise routine.  My focus so far has been eating well, which is only part of the overall living well equation, but certainly a big part for me. It's time to officially get moving.  Like mothers the world over I feel like I am always moving, when I do sink into the couch at the end of a long day my body quivers with a mixture of shock and delight - and protests violently when I have to get up again, usually 4.5 minutes later. But while running around after little people is the status quo, it's not the same as running around the block.

So, here's to health and holidays and making the most of our new delightfully unscheduled routine.


Indigo Kate x

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