Thursday, 18 December 2014

Day 48

It's hard not to feel a little disorganised at this time of year.  With the arrival of each new Christmas card/Christmas letter/photo, I have to fight the urge to run screaming from my letter box.  Not a good look.  Each Christmas missive is a stark reminder that my own Festive preparations are running a tad behind, not to mention the realisation that none of my children will ever be an Olympic athlete or a concert harpist, like the other gifted offspring I read about.  Every morning when at least one of my garden-variety children give me a countdown on how many days 'til Christmas I feel a mild wave of nausea.  I'm not ready this year.

Yet when I stop to think about it, we have talked about sharing, giving and receiving, we have thanked those who have helped us this year, we have sung carols at concerts and paused to listen to the Christmas story, we have our tree up, and we've been to see Santa. Maybe in the ways that really matter, we are ready for Christmas.

Every day I'm glad that I started my Year of Living Well on November 1 and not the upcoming January 1. I'm know that when New Year's Day rolls around some of my new habits will already be set in place and the first couple of radical adjustment months behind me. It's nice to be on my way and it's taught me a lot about the possibilities of change, on the grand scale of moi.

I hope that as Christmas creeps ever closer, you feel ready in whatever way matters to you.


Indigo Kate x


  1. Just back from a week of no Internet etc in remote Himalayan village with a very dear friend. There is Kate, at least one person less ready. And the events we are slowly catching up on make the notion of readiness seem ridiculous. Such sad events as you say. Let us continue to strive to be a little bit of peace for each other. Love, W xx

    1. What a beautiful way to put it darling Wendy, 'let us strive to be a little bit of peace for each other.' Yes indeed, let us strive for that. Welcome back to a world gone mad, but with some pockets of hope xx