Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Day 18

I am an introvert.  A happy, contented introvert.  I'd say I was a loud and proud introvert but that would a contradiction in terms.  In the last few years I have read a little bit about introverts and everything I read felt like coming home.  Growing up I thought introverts were a lesser species, and defined best by what we were not.  Not loud, not social, not the life of the party, not voicing their opinion.  Now I love what we are; reflective, considered and creative.

Today I was required to be social from 9am-3pm.  Highly unusual, and completely unsustainable.  I am absolutely snookered now, and my brain is buzzing with overstimulation.  I will need serious down time to recover.  Yes, I am completely serious.  What I did notice though was I ate more when I was finally in a quiet place.  It was like a way of coping with the demands of the day.  Rewarding myself for getting through it?  Trying to pacifying my stretched mental state with something familiar?   Trying to boost energy reserves to cope with the remainder of the day? Whatever it was it was non-hungry eating, and it was related to not having any/enough quiet moments during the day.  The good news is it wasn't anything processed, there was no sugar involved.

So, I am off to bed early tonight, with my book.  I am a little wiser about my needs and putting things in place so that I can have enough space each day to cope with the demands of the upcoming silly season.

Good night.

Indigo Kate x


  1. I can so relate to this Kate. Although it is not all cut and dried and there were bits of the article I have sent the link to that I could also relate to. The link came via Marianne Elliot!

    1. I was thinking of you as I typed! Will definitely read that link. Thank you. Always, always learn so much from you. Much love x