Sunday, 2 November 2014

Day 2

Yes, I realise with a title like that I'm not winning any creativity awards. But it was a good Day 2 none the less.

My first objective in my quest for health is to kick processed sugar.  It's over between us.  Some people can have it every now and then without issue. I am just not one of those people. I crave it, I eat too much of it, then I crave it even more. It gives me a headache, it makes me jittery, it does diabolical things to my body shape.  My love/hate sugar relationship is endlessly exhausting.  So I have pulled up my big girl undies and begun my cold turkey withdrawal. It's the only way forward.

So far so good. A dull headache but I am coping admirably. My husband is away on an annual mountain bike trip so I am combining sugar withdrawal with solo parenting four small people. Why not try two tricky things at once, I say.  But we are having long slow Lego days. There is time to rest and breathe and catch our breath in this crazy-busy term. It's been heartening to see them so happy in each other's company.

My green smoothie this morning was an absolute cracker. Spinach, celery, apple, pear and coconut water. So for this first month or so my plan is to kick sugar and take up green smoothies. They say the best way to kick a habit is to replace it with another (preferably better) habit. So it's out with the chocolate and hello drinkable spinach.  Lookout Popeye, here I come.

Indigo Kate x

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