Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Day 11

I know they say it takes 21 days to make a new habit, but 11 days in I'm feeling like some of these new habits are cementing themselves quite nicely.  The warm water with lemon, the green smoothie, the dandelion root tea, the absence of sugar, are all becoming more automatic.  They require less thought and self-persuasion each time.

My big news is the discovery of cauliflower rice.  It's cauliflower transformed into rice size grains and steamed.  When served with vegies it really does, for all intent and purposes, taste like rice. I'm loving the chance to get another vegie in.

I also know that sleep is essential to health, and it is well past my bedtime as I type this.  I've been out at a school meeting and in the interests of my health, I'm off to bed.

Here's to new good habits and cauliflower rice.

More soon,

Indigo Kate x


  1. Well Kate, how's this for you being an inspiration? We are going to try cauliflower rice tonight with our dal bhat! My host is trying to watch his cargo eating and that is tough in a country where you eat a mountain of rice twice a day. His wife and I hope that Cauli Rice will be a winner!