Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Day 12

Things were slightly meh here today. Not blerky, just meh. I still did what has become my new normal.  Perhaps the zeal of the new beginning is starting to wane.  I do tend to take things on with all the unwavering enthusiasm of a religious fundamentalist, which can be hard to sustain.  So, it is to be expected I guess, that not every day will see me skipping and twirling my skirt and bursting into song, The Hills Are Alive-style.

I realised what may be missing from my life (apart from a family block of chocolate) - endorphins.  Particularly those exercise ones.  I have been so busy blitzing cauliflower into rice and blending spinach into smoothies that I haven't kicked any exercise goals of late.  So tomorrow calls for some movement. One book I read said that exercise has such negative connotations for some folks they are better off saying to themselves they are 'looking to be more active' or 'trying to move more' as it doesn't sound so bootcamp-esque.

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. When I do it consistently I love it to bits and can't live without it. Then suddenly, I'm not doing it regularly and I hate the restarting up process.  But here I am. Again. At the restarting up start line, looking at my toes and wondering how I got back here.

But in the interest of stopping meh turning into blerkdom, I'll be lacing up my runners in the morning in an effort to get me some of those yippy endorphins.  Because I know that no matter how much green stuff I put in my smoothie, life just isn't the same without them.

Indigo Kate x

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