Thursday, 13 November 2014

Day 13

Less meh today. No sign of the moving more/being more active/exercise thing either though, sadly. Getting 6 people (including myself) fed, dressed and out the door with a packed lunch each day is a full morning workout, by anyone's standards. But it doesn't come with endorphins. So to add an actual workout to the existing domestic morning workout requires an extra level of planning, and an extra dollop of energy. As they say in the classics, tomorrow is another day.

I have discovered that a frozen banana and baby spinach leaves are a marriage made in heaven on the green smoothie front.  Other things welcome too but with those two as foundation ingredients, it's all good news.

I made some fruit balls today. I whizzed up some dates, dried apricots, dried apples, coconut and (even though not required as per the recipe), a couple of dried peaches.  I pressed the mixture into round balls and rolled them in coconut.  Thinking they might just do the trick the next time hunger strikes between meals.  Will let you know how they go.

Heading to bed now wondering how to organise two children to have crazy hair and another child to get their bike to school tomorrow morning all by 8am.  Then to get myself to a 9am meeting with a film maker I hope to work with, hopefully without the crazy hair.

Indigo Kate x

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