Thursday, 20 November 2014

Day 20

It was great to be able to eat clean while in transit yesterday. A place called Sumo Salad had a fabbo variety of fresh options, a shining beacon of hope amid a sea of fried food. I even got to eat my healthy choice browsing in a book shop. Alone. Does it get any better?

Solo plane travel has a lot going for it. The lack of bulky nappy bags, for one thing. The lack of writhing toddlers screaming with sore ears on the descent is another. Losing children in airports, entertaining them in departure lounges, avoiding the hairy eyeball from fellow travellers when they sqwark, arriving with that been-through-the-ringer-never-again exhaustion... Nope, funnily enough I didn't miss any of that. My toughest part of the trip was deciding whether to have the chicken/avocado or the Asian green salad for lunch. So I was grateful I could give this tricky conundrum my undivided attention.


Indigo Kate x

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