Thursday, 6 November 2014

Day 6

I tidied the pantry today. I threw things out, I rearranged, I wiped benches and shelves, and I combined half-empty packets into neat, labelled containers.  The end result is marvellous and it will help with healthy choices. I had a writing project to do today, the deadline is looming and I am behind with it. So tidying the pantry was the logical thing to do in the strange dance that happens sometimes in getting to the desk. I created clarity on the shelves in the absence of any on the page. It's a start.

Each day feels easier. Mentally, I feel great, energetic even.  Hopeful and generally up.

Broccoli salad for dinner.  Look at me go!

Must go and tackle this writing project. Just let me clean this window on my way to the desk...

Indigo Kate x


  1. Kate!! Great to see you blogging again! All the best on your health endeavour. I'm trying to inspire myself to start yet again, but it's so tough, life gets in the way. But I've semi set a goal to lose 10kg before Christmas,we'll see :-) enjoy the green smoothies :-)

    1. Hi Sheridan, so lovely to see you here. Thanks for reading. I can highly recommend the green smoothies. I'm enjoying them, and the shift towards health. All the best to you with your goals x

  2. Greetings from home country #2 Kate. If you were someone we both know who has just had an incredibly cute baby and a very clean pantry not mentioning any'd have instagrammed that pantry before doing the windows!

    1. Hello, my far away friend! Ha! Very impressive to have a cute baby and a tidy pantry simultaneously. I certainly never managed that, despite four very cute babies. Much love and safe travels x