Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Day 19

Sugar is definitely loosening its grip on me.  I'm slowing sliding out between its giant squid-like tendrils.  And I'm making a run for it.  North.  Tomorrow.  To see my superpal.  This involves two plane rides.  To say I am delirious with excitement would not be overstating it.  A lot has happened since we saw each other last April and there is much to catch up on. We are both at the weary end of a busy year and will cram as much talking as we can into daylight hours and not stay up all night by a campfire laughing our heads off, as we may have done 20 years ago.  Whatever time we share will be (preservative free, no added salt, no dairy, no sugar, no MSG) chicken soup for the soul.


Indigo Kate x


  1. Have fun darling friend and say namaste to your super pal from me!