Saturday, 29 November 2014

Day 29

And so it happened on Day 29. It involved some lettuce, capsicum, avocado, spinach leaves, cucumber and smoked salmon. You see, I made a salad for lunch without thinking. Just like that. I squeezed some lemon juice on the top and ate it and washed my bowl up and got on with my afternoon as though nothing extraordinary had happened.  But it had. For the first time there was no little voice wishing it involved bread or cheese or fancy-pants (sugar laden) dressing.  And it was great.

There are all kinds of magic formulas as to how long it takes to break a habit, or form a new one.  I'm not convinced it's a one size fits all thing. We are all pretty individual little critters, afterall.  I just know that for me, life in Week 4 feels easier and more automatic.  The whiney voice who wishes everything was easier or tastier has gone quiet and I don't miss it one little bit.


Indigo Kate x

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