Saturday, 22 November 2014

Day 22

Breakfast at a cafe is something that never happens in my usual life.  Breakfast at a cafe in groovy Paddington in Brisbane with my superpal & co. felt like the furthest point my life could get from normality without actually being on an intergalactic space mission.  Avocado, smoked salmon, eggs, and a slice of sourdough. Heavenly.

And just like when you buy a red car, all you see is red cars, my new healthy approach seems to be everywhere. There are conversations about people eliminating sugar and gluten, articles about the perils of calorie counting and low-fat products, and whispers about good fats being the champs.  The idea that deprivation doesn't work (tell me about it) and instead focussing on the abundance of plant-based foods available, can open up a whole new life-changing approach to eating well. It seems I'm not the only one who is suddenly seeing my health with my eyes wide open, and for a daggy country girl, it's kind of fun hanging with the cool kids. Especially over breaky.

Talk soon,

Indigo Kate x

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